Configuring and securing FairEmail

FairEmail Advantages

  1. Open source (not tested to be built).

  2. PGP supported.

  3. Responsive author's support.

  4. NO analytics / crashlytics inside the app (declared).

FairEmail Disadvantages

  1. FairEmail have NO in-app account credentials encryption. Add / Use only non-security sensitive accounts.

  2. FairEmail have NO in-app mail data encryption. Add / Use only non-security sensitive accounts.
    Full phone encryption (/data/ encryption) suggested to partly mitigate this.

  3. Missing mails.

  4. Sometimes heavy, sometimes exotic author's personal opinion with app support / app features etc.

  5. App restricted for some countries.
    The author takes care of the rating of the program in a way of disabling all countries from
    which it receives not very good reviews and rates.
    So you will be able to buy app but app may not see it since your app NOT installed from the official google play market - use ApkPure website/app to install Fair Email and Titanium backup's "attach to market" feature to try to fix it.

  6. Some things and explanation in FAQ does not reflect the actual situation from technical and/or security perspective.

  7. App can NOT use external sdcard to store attachments or / and e-mails itself.
    All data will be store inside main app directory inside /data/ android partition.
    If you receiving many e-mails / large attachment - this app might NOT the mail app of choice for you.

  8. Do not show how much time ago the last e-mail message received in the notifications in Android spoiler.

Recommended settings

To remove annoying permanent spoiler notification: Monitoring X account.
Settings -> NOTIFICATIONS tab -> Use background service -> turn ON.
Do not forget to change battery policy to 'Not restrictions' for this app.
Also it is better to enable "Autostart" and "Lock" this app.
No more "Monitoring X account" notification will appears.
To remove Direct and Indirect telemetry
Settings -> MISCELLANEOUS tab -> Send error reports -> turn OFF (default).
Another security concerns
Settings -> MISCELLANEOUS tab -> Allow other apps to search in messages -> turn OFF.
Better to use
Settings -> MISCELLANEOUS tab -> Use US country settings -> turn ON.
Increase the limits
Settings -> CONNECTION tab ->
 -> Automatically download messages and attachments on a metered connection up to ->
  -> set UNLIMITED (default: 256KiB).
Message receiving
Settings -> RECIEVE tab -> Messages without date -> turn ON.


  1. To sort accounts list / folders: Settings -> left slider (sandwich button) -> Order accounts / Order folders.

  2. Do not use this app with security sensitive accounts.

  3. Encrypt phone to mitigate lack of in-app credentials and mail data encryption.

FairEmail Bugs

  1. Can accidentally stop showing number of unread messages in integration with TeslaUnread / Nova Launcher.

Test your mail client for security issues

  1. Here