Configuring Nova Launcher

Home screen

Desktop grid		default 5x4 -> 5x4
Icon layout		default 125% Labels: On -> 150%
Padding			default none x none
Add icons to home screen default Off -> On

Home screen -> Advanced

Lock layout default Off -> On

Home screen -> Dock -> Advanced

Remember position	default Off -> On

Home screen

Infinite scroll		default Off -> On

Look & feel

Drop targets		default Off -> On
App search background color		default #FFFFFF -> #808080
Animation speed Nova -> Faster than light || Disable animations OFF -> ON

Notification badges

Dynamic badges (need to re-select to enable access on MIUI) -> TeslaUnread?


For security reason:
Error & usage reporting	default ON -> Off
MIUI - in settings Data - turn off ALL data transfer (they transfer something form time to time)

Nigth mode

change to ON

Gestures & Input -> Home button

change 'app search' to 'none'

Folders -> Window style

Transparency 33% to 0%
Corner radius 24 dp to 0 dp

Folders -> Folder icon appearance

leave 'Grid' and change 'Adaptive' to 'Custom' and refuse to select something in open dialog.
Keep 'Transparency' at 37% for Android around 7.0 and set to 90% for Android 10.

Backup and restore icons positions and settings

  1. Backup settings you made (see Nova Settings -> Backup & import settings) , it also backups all icons positions you arrange.
    When you Restore Nova launcher with tools like Titanium backup you will be missing icons of not yet installed applications, but when you restore settings natively missing apps icons will be in it's places (slightly greyed out).