Debloating (removing bloatware) applications from MIUI

see URGENT - this app SHOULD be handled.

FREEZ - this app resides on / system / and not consume user space / data partition, so no need to REMOVE it, FREEZ is just enought. You can FREEZ it with Link2SD application.

REMOVE - this app resides on / system / and not consume user space / data partition, but since this app is SYSTEM it consume as much CPU and RAM and BATTERY as possible, also you can NOT control it data transfer - it is always enabled. just uninstall it and install from market if you want to control all those things. If this app is mission critical for your work - KEEP it as is. Also you can transfor and USER application to SYSTEM with Link2SD for all your mission critical applications.

CLEAR_DATA - means you can clear user data for this app (also avail. With Link2SD). BTW, you can clean data for all app you FREEZ.

FREEZ com.miui.notes Notes Notes MIUI

FREEZ Wallpaper Carousel Dynamically change the wallpaper on the lock screen. Loads them from the Internet. Stupid and gluttonous, up to traffic and energy, balalaika. Tear down and forget.
FREEZ com.mfashiongallery.emag com.mfashiongallery.emag mfashiongallery.emag is the application folder for the Wallpaper Carousel (Xiaomi)

FREEZ Live Wallpaper Picker Who does not use, we demolish. And who loves these things, then leave, otherwise there may be problems with the installation of certain wallpapers.

FREEZ App in value Ribbon widgets Less people, more RAM free oxygen, traffic and charge saved.
TEST App vault # left swipe assistant on the desktop (indexes, courses and other crap)
FREEZ com.miui.personalassistant # left swipe assistant on the desktop (indices, courses and other crap)

FREEZ Basic Daydreams One of the screensavers.
FREEZ SIM Toolkit Burn in Hell. Personally, on my megaphone, until you bang this creature, sometimes an advertisement will appear. A window at the bottom of the screen, with the "OK" and "Cancel" buttons. A couple of times flew into paid subscriptions.
FREEZ com.miui.player Music Why not.
URGENT CLEAR_DATA + FREEZ System app updater Gizmo, for updating, first of all, MIUI applications: browser, downloads, notes, etc., etc. But it can hook other applications. Decide for yourself. I do not delete, but FREEZe. Periodically including, to check for updates.
FREEZ com.miui.cleanmaster Cleaner Both possible and not. As for me. Better this option than its original - "CleanMaster" from the market, which is with tons of ads and unnecessary add-ons.
FREEZ com.xiaomi.mirecycle Mi recycle Settings -> Security apps -> Diagnose your phone> Sell your phone Once the testing process is completed, the exchange price is estimated and the quote is generated;

REMOVE Drive Google cloud in the furnace. It’s better to install it later, since then, it will be possible to control autorun and work in the background. ; ;
REMOVE Maps Actually google maps. Better then install from the market.

FREEZ Cell Broadcast Like the emergency services application, I have not seen this work. Probably also not for Russia.
FREEZ Market Feedback Agent Useless Google asshole.
URGENT FREEZ com.miui.bugreport Feedback Actually the service, sending reports about failures in the firmware. Someone is using, someone is not. In general, it would not hurt to accustom yourself to use the service. ; ;
FREEZ com.miui.klo.bugreport KLO Bugreport KLO Bugreport is a standard app developed by Xiaomi. This app registers system failures and Android applications errors.

FREEZ com.miui.weather2 Weather There are better options. But the weather will disappear in the curtain and on the lock screen. ; ;
# +
KEEP Weather Provider Need MIUI stock weather application (and possibly M8 weather). We check according to the situation.

FREEZ Email Email client, you can. Starting with approximately version 9.6 of global firmware, it disappeared. And so, it was pretty good with him.
FREEZ com.xiaomi.mipicks Apps Market application from Xiaomi.
FREEZ com.miui.hybrid Quick apps After a lot of investigation about app call direct service or com.miui.hybrid, I have found it's has no job with miui ROM except spy on us, audio and video! ;
FREEZ com.miui.hybrid.accessory HybridAccessory Great and powerful tyrnet, claims that this is connected with cross-platform applications. I, after a couple of sources, am inclined that this is connected with accessories for smartphones, from Xiaomi or vice versa not from Xiaomi. author offers to delete

KEEP Explorer File Manager MIUI. But, without it, it will not be possible to apply third-party topics.
KEEP com.androidfileexplorer.FileExplorerApplication The application is also an Explorer, but the version is marked as "old". Apparently forgot to REMOVE from the firmware ... the truth is then, it is not clear why it was frozen initially. And it FREEZes after a reboot. This is how the Documents application usually behaved. Or maybe this is it? In short, I left alone. Autonomy does not touch, because it is frozen, so let it roll around.
KEEP Mi file managment

FREEZ HTML Viewer Something like a plugin for opening PDF files, only this for html (for example, saved pages from the Internet). I left and advise you.

KEEP com.miui.fmservice FM Radio Service own most possible to KEEP to FM work
# +
FREEZ FM Radio Shell Radio.

FREEZ com.miui.backup Backup You can, but I advise you to leave. Especially if you delete cloud services including and cloud backup. User applications, the backup is bad, but unlike the cloud backup, it saves application data (those that got into the backup). But the rest (settings, calls, SMS, Wi-Fi passwords) backup is excellent. Save a ton of time after resetting.
# +
FREEZ com.miui.cloudservice Mi Cloud Delete only if you are ready to completely abandon synchronization and backup in the Xiaomi cloud.
FREEZ com.miui.cloudbackup Mi Cloud backup Cloud backup. In general, it is possible, only Titanium backup is many times better. But if there is no root, then yes. This is a safety net for the local backup (but! Does not backup application data, from the word - at all)
FREEZ com.miui.micloudsync MiCloudSync Actually the main component, synchronization with Mi Cloud. Mi Cloud itself, which roughly speaking is the control panel. And this application is his heart.
FREEZ com.xiaomi.micloud.sdk com.xiaomi.micloudsdk.SdkApplication Make sure you REMOVE ALL of the dependent Mi Cloud apps before removing the SDK.
# +
KEEP com.miui.cloudservice.sysbase CloudServiceSysbase Identification of the phone in the Xiaomi cloud.
# +
FREEZ com.xiaomi.midrop Mi Drop Stray to transfer files, instead of using Bluetooth. Here, of course, in the root, file transfer is primitively used via FTP, but where is the speed of Bluetooth and where is WiFi. The difference is a hundred times in speed. Moreover, the application works not only on xiaomi. It can be downloaded in the market on any Android smartphone and even used to transfer files to, or, from a computer. It is only necessary to download the client for the PC.
# +
KEEP Google backup. Those. synchronization. Personally, I use it, but as you want.
FREEZ A mysterious thing related to the backup of images (either in the gallery, or wallpaper). But the troubles of removal / FREEZing are not noticed.
# +
KEEP Google Backup Transport Google backup. Contacts, numbers, SMS, etc., etc.

FREEZ com.miui.antispam Spam filter (black list) in the stock call. I personally need it. Yes, and often.

UNKNOWN Corner cutout Make a cutout in the corner of the screen A strange crap from the "For Developers" menu, the item "Screen Emulation with Cutout".
UNKNOWN Tail cutout Make a cutout on the screen above A strange crap like the item above.
UNKNOWN Double cutout?

FREEZ com.miui.touchassistant Quick ball That same floating point, with quick access to features / applications. As for me, it’s so useless, and sometimes even a hindering thing.
FREEZ com.miui.userguide

KEEP Google Text-to-sepeech Engine own: KEEP, If you do not want “OK, Google”, a search or translator, to pronounce the text of the results out loud, then boldly demolish it.
KEEP Google Contacs Sync Using? We leave. No? We delete.
KEEP Google Calendar Sync Similar to the previous application.
KEEP com.xiaomi.scanner Scanner Scanner. But not just QR codes, as many believe. And also documents, business cards and everything that can be scanned. I left.
KEEP User Dictionary The component used by the keyboard. But you can tear it down if your eyes are calloused. I prefer to leave to teach the keyboard (for example, from Google) to the most terrible mothers} -)
KEEP When uninstalling, a substitute is required. Which is basically logical.
KEEP Dark interface theme, up to 9 android useless application. And starting from Android 9, the system finally began to learn how to work in dark mode. In general, out of need. on the site how to REMOVE It is responsible for installing applications. Visual component from the MIUI shell. In fact, in no way responsible for installing applications.
KEEP At first glance, an analogue of the file manager. But no. This garbage just gives permission to other applications for accessing files on media, including and internal. In short, do not touch.
KEEP Well, if you are absolutely extreme, then you can execute the clock. Only with them will the alarm clock, timer and stopwatch go away. Although you can replace it. But is it so tough?
KEEP com.miui.securitycore The kernel of the security system Names, I think enough.
KEEP CaptivePortalLogin Function that allows you to authenticate users using a web browser. When a non-authenticated user connects to a Wi-Fi network, access to all resources is blocked. When trying to access a resource, the user will be redirected to a special web page where he will be asked to enter authentication information. Only after that the user will be able to freely use the network resources.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.accesscache CarrierAccessCacheService Judging by the name and permissions, it gives access to write the application cache to the SD-card (probably meaning the Android folder).
KEEP CarrierDefaultApp I won’t say for sure, but as far as I could understand, this application is somehow related to the control of received / sent, mobile Internet traffic.
More precisely, this seems to be a traffic monitoring / counting service. Where you set a quota for a month. According to posts on the Internet, some helped with the removal of this garbage, with problems with Internet access, with a month limit set. I decided to leave.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.loadcarrier CarrierLoadService Something related to the services of a telecom operator. Perhaps this is the same service that receives APN access points, SMS contact service number, etc. Or maybe he is responsible for registering on the network. Nothing more is known.
KEEP A confirmation service related to creating / restoring a backup in any application. At your discretion. I left.
KEEP From google translator "android carrier configuration". It seems that it’s not worth trying.
KEEP I did not find Infa, but marked it in red, as the translation of the name "pre-assembly android ..." is alarming.
KEEP Same as above.
KEEP You can delete, according to the big Internet. And FREEZing, showed no problems.
In theory, this rubbish is responsible for downloading web content in MMS messages. Well, you know, when viewing a letter in an e-mail, it may be pure text, or it may show a piece of a page from a site. I did not check it with FREEZing, but for some things, it seems to be true. Left alone this application.
KEEP com.miui.extraphoto You can delete. If you do not use a stock camera. And so, he is responsible for changing the focus in the gallery of already taken photos in the "Portrait" mode.
KEEP com.miui.system com.miui.internal.appSystemApplication One of the main components of MIUI.
KEEP com.miui.miwallpaper You don’t want to sit without wallpapers? : rolleyes:
KEEP com.miui.rom Another one of the main components of MIUI.
KEEP com.miui.smsextra But God knows him. I froze, rummaged everything that is connected with SMS. I haven’t met mistakes anywhere. Thawed back.
In general, this is “Mi Messages” - a service for sending free (via the Internet) messages between owners of Xiaomi smartphones.
KEEP com.miui.translation.kingsoft, com.miui.translation.xmcloud, com.miui.translation.youdao, com.miui.translationservice Explicitly related to translation, online translation of text. Only I did not understand how it is used. In MIUI, spawn, there was no translator of its own. Third-party translators, this is also not necessary. These three applications have never started since the phone was turned on. But left, just for fun. Suddenly I will find who needs them.
KEEP com.qti.dpmserviceapp Service for playing content with DRM protection.
KEEP com.qti.qualcomm.datastatusnotification To me, in order not to REMOVE this application, it’s enough that it is connected with the connection. Presumably, a traffic monitor or checks the availability of Internet access.
KEEP com.qti.service.colorservice Setting the temperature of the image on the screen.
KEEP com.qualcomm.embms eMBMS (Evolved Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service) is a broadcast / multicast technology. Only in the world, LTE-B only 5 operators launched in their networks. Another 30+ are just investing. And Russia is not among them. In short, a useless application for CIS countries. But, I left him. You never know how it affects regular LTE.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel Something related to switching communications, between 2G / 3G / 4G standards. In short, this is again a connection, for this I do not touch.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.biometrics.fingerprint.service A strange canoe. It seems to be related to a fingerprint scanner. But! It never started and has a strange permission: access to the alarm clock. Where is the alarm and where is the fingerprint. Then my brain swam and ... In general, left and went on.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.qtisystemservice Stupidly from the name "qti system service" QTI - Qualcomm Technology Inc. Those. Qualcomm hardware system maintenance.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.StatsPollManager From the name "Statistics Survey Manager". Maybe just analytics of something, or maybe a survey of cell towers. Personally, I will leave.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.telephonyservice From the name "Telephone Communications". Is the decision logical?
KEEP com.quicinc.cne.CNEService is something related to mobile and Wi-Fi traffic. I think you should not pull the cat for eggs.
KEEP Companion Device Manager Something that uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Only now, neither Mi drop, nor the search for Bluetooth devices. Did not start this application. So I don’t know what it does.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.confdialer ConfDialer LTE Conferencing Service
KEEP com.qti.confuridialer Conference URI Dialer Also a conference call service, for digital signal only, as SIP / VoIP
KEEP ConfigUpdater Performs the configuration of the application (any) when installing it. Such as installing a certificate and configuring a firewall.
KEEP com.qualcomm.cabl Content Adaptive Backlight Settings Adaptive backlight settings (not to be confused with auto brightness). In its effect, it is more like adjusting the contrast or backlight of the "embile" on TV. Depending on the content on the screen, a white page in the browser or watching a movie where the screen is dark. Accordingly, changes the backlight, brighter or darker. But, it seems that MIUI doesn’t make a fuss (I suppose that due to the application of temperature-regulating color. No, not because something is crooked, but the xiaomists did it). You can get into the settings using QuickShortcutMaker.
KEEP com.qti.qualcomm.deviceinfo Device Info Displays phone information (Settings> About phone> General information).
KEEP se.dirac.acs Dirac Control Service Dirac audio ™ sound processor controller. Responsible for the equalizer in the sound enhancement settings. A kind of addition to the Qualcomm Aqstic codec.
KEEP FIDO UAF1.0 ASM ASM (Authenticator Specific Module). In short, this is a password encryption module in the universal two-factor authentication system - FIDO (Fast IDentity Online).
KEEP FIDO UAF1.0 Client Client of the FIDO module.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.auth.fidocryptoservice FidoCryptoService The password encryptor itself.
KEEP com.goodix.gftest Fingerprint test Goodix fingerprint scanner test.
KEEP com.fingerprints.extension.service FingerprintExtensionService Fingerprint scanner settings menu.
KEEP com.miui.freeform Freeform According to one source, it allows applications to work in windows. Those. You can, like on a PC, open several applications on the screen in different windows. Do not ask how, google who is interested in "activation freeform android". And according to my research, this garbage is responsible for watching videos in a floating window. In principle, that the first option, that the second, is essentially the same thing - an overlay (multi-layer image output). And although this is a component from miui, I strongly advise you not to touch it.
KEEP com.xiaomi.location.fused FusedLocationProvider Geolocation over networks.
KEEP GBoard Keyboard from the evil corporation. Just remember to pre-install the replacement.
KEEP com.goodix.fingerprint GFManager Stored fingerprint manager, application from the manufacturer (Goodix).
KEEP Initialization of Google applications on the first start of the phone. I do not recommend it, as there may be problems when resetting the phone.
KEEP Market applications from Google.
KEEP Component of Google services.
KEEP com.xiaomi.mirecycle Another test of iron, this time from Xiaomi.
KEEP com.mi.globallayout HomeLayout "Home Layout" is a Google translation. I dare to assume that this stray is responsible for arranging shortcuts on the desktop by default, for the selected region when the phone is first launched. And / or, possibly, with the selected function - desktop autocomplete. And / or is responsible for the size of the desktop grid (4x5, 5x5, etc.).
And yet, since this is part of miui, I dare to assume that it will not be required for a third-party launcher.
KEEP Intent Filter Verification Service I’ll try to describe in human terms ... This application is responsible for the association of links with any application. They sent you a link in vatsap or here on the forum in the subject gave a link, for example from Aliexpress. And you taped it. It will be opened by Aliexpress automatic machine. Or a link from the Google Play Store, to the application. A market will open. Well, either a list of applications suitable for this action will open. In this case, the list will not be compiled from a flashlight (a couple of browsers), but there will be a set of applications, inside which there are associations with a similar link format (more precisely, even with a specific website address). In general, a pretty important stray.
KEEP com.qualcomm.location LocationService Geolocation Service.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.modemtestmode MBN Test Modem test. But I really do not advise.
KEEP com.caf.fmradio MF_TEST FM radio test.
KEEP com.xiaomi.account Mi account Xiaomi account service. Used in all MIUI applications.
KEEP com.xiaomi.bluetooth MIUI Bluetooth Bluetooth Control. It is possible in general, because this is a shell from xiaomi, but on the other hand, there will be nothing to control Bluetooth devices. Although, maybe in the market there is something to replace. But I do not deal with such perversions, so put the experiments themselves.
KEEP com.miui.core MIUI SDK And another major MIUI component.
KEEP miui.external.Application The Themes application component. If I do not confuse anything, then I am responsible for importing those through the conductor. Those. Roughly speaking, without this, you can’t apply a third-party theme for MIUI.
KEEP com.miui.daemon MiuiDaemon General service, all Mi services / applications. I suspect that the next demon to collect analytics, but left. Since there is an assumption that it is responsible for the operation of the firmware (i.e., for example: RAM control, CPU operation or energy consumption, for example). Removal at your own risk.
KEEP com.mi.webkit.core MiWebView Read the item "Android System WebView"
KEEP MmsService MMS service.
KEEP MTP host Roughly speaking, this is a driver for communicating with a computer in MTP mode.
KEEP org.codeaurora.btmultisim No infa. From my own analysis, I will assume that this garbage allows you to make calls by connecting to your phone or another phone. You know how the distribution of the Internet, so it can be said, the distribution of the ability to call.
KEEP org.codeaurora.ims From personal analysis, something related to the transmission of a photo / video signal. It is well known that - IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is a technology for transmitting multimedia content based on the IP protocol. Decide for yourself. FREEZing did not give out problems. But left. Here I have, two options are thought. Either it's like Skype (I just don’t know if SIP supports this?), Or this garbage allows you to stir up a wireless IP camera via the Internet from your smartphone. I am inclined to the second option.
KEEP PacProcessor PAC (Proxy auto-config). Just have a problem. And so, for the understanding of what it is, it’s better to knock on Google.
KEEP android.autoinstalls.config.Xiaomi.tulip PAI System config, for a specific subject. In this case, under Tulip, i.e. Note 6 Pro. Just important bullshit
KEEP PartnerNetflixActivation Affiliate application from the Netflix service. Apparently also the sponsor of the creation of the phone. The greedy xiaomi ... will not bring to good, saving on iron, quality of materials and at the same time additional earnings on advertising ... oh, will not bring to good ...
KEEP com.xiaomi.powerchecker Power Detector This is located under Security> Battery> Activity Control. In short, from FREEZing or deletion, in theory, problems with application control will begin. Which you put under the "lock" so that they are not unloaded from memory. But on the other hand, they won’t start. Since this is a stray from xiaomi and in android there is a service on this subject. But since this is Miui and there are eternal troubles, with the application settings configured in the background. I will not touch and do not advise you.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.poweroffalarm Power Off Alarm Service for displaying notifications and confirmations, turning off the device is what Google writes. I found out by poking that this garbage is responsible for turning on the phone when the alarm goes off, and it seems on the phone when the alarm goes off too. And it also works when you use the phone on / off on a schedule. In short, pretty important garbage in working with the phone.
KEEP ProxyHandler "Proxy handler", this is another system service for working with proxies. Do not touch away from sin.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.qdma QDMA According to one version, QDMA is Quadrature-division multiple access. In short, a variant of communication from the same row with WiMax and CDMA.
According to another version, QDMA is Qualcomm Device Management & Analytics (Qualcomm Device Management and Analytics). So I xs ... Although as xs. In terms of FREEZing / removing, I am only for it. For the reason that among the permissions, full access to the Internet, without restrictions. Access to the phone is not clear why. And the most trash, this is the conclusion of the phone from sleep mode. UPD. Additional information appeared in the paragraph "Smart-Divert".
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.qmmi QMMI Responsible for the interaction and testing of Qualcomm equipment. It has a test menu, which can be launched using QuickShortcutMaker. Looks like:
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.uceShimService RCSService RCS (Rich Communication Service). This, as I understand it, the evolution of SMS to the level of instant messengers. Who cares, google.
It is not clear why we need it? It seems like it doesn’t work anywhere else. Well, or as usual, not for Russia. He noted so, because xs, does it affect something from simple sms or mms? : unsure:
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.auth.sampleauthenticatorservice SampleAuthenticatorService No information. Translation of the name "Example Authentication Service".
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.seccamservice SecCamService Responsible for the operation of the camera. And if I understand correctly, it is for the work of dual modules.
KEEP com.qapp.secprotect SecProtect Some kind of data encryption service. Quotation from the search “- SecProtect allows users or developers to encrypt or decrypt files.“ Please set a password before encryption / decryption. You need to provide this password to decrypt the encrypted file later. ”What is encrypted? No idea.” Marked in red, because it is scary to delete. Through QuickShortcutMaker, the launch looks like this:
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.auth.secureextauthservice SecureExtAuthService No information. Perhaps interaction with SecProtect.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.auth.securesampleauthservice SecureSampleAuthService No information. Possible interaction with SecProtect.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.seemp.service SeempJService No information.
KEEP com.xiaomi.providers.appindex Settings I won’t bend with the description, there’s a whole diagram, let's just call it the settings shortcut, the MIUI component. An integral part of the "Settings".
KEEP com.qti.xdivert Smart-Divert This garbage, as described from the Internet, describes a fabulous thing. Namely, to accept an incoming call to the second SIM, if at the same time you are already talking from the first SIM card. What's so fabulous? I marked it so because now I can’t check the safety of the deletion, for communication in general. If you also can’t or are afraid to check, I can only recommend that you go to the personal account of both your operators and turn off call forwarding in the root.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.smq StatManQDMA No information. All I can send to the item "QDMA". UPD. Having analyzed the list of permissions and using the poke method, I found out that this garbage is at least connected with Bluetooth devices. You can, too, open the Bluetooth settings or for example the GPS settings, you will see that this service starts. Then it turns out that this item is "QDMA", have a second version of the description. I do not change the color to red, since it is not clear whether the phone can live without these two applications (stupidly there is no time for confusion). But I really want to know / check why: both applications write logs, have unlimited access to the Internet, they are allowed to download anything without user notifications. In short, the full list of permissions, of both applications, is very annoying.
KEEP com.qualcomm.svi SVI Settings SVI (Sunlight Visibility Improvement). The application is similar in its final purpose to the application from the “Content Adaptive Backlight Settings” item (which changes the contrast / quality / image backlight depending on the content on the screen), and this application, depending on the ambient lighting.
KEEP com.miui.sysopt SysoptApplication Something VPN related. But when establishing a connection via VPN, this application did not start. So xs what it does. Linux correct me, I really did not understand what sysopt does.
KEEP TalkBack An application to help manage your smartphone, people with disabilities. But I don’t advise you to delete it even to people without restrictions, since it is possible through this application, one day you will have to bypass the phone lock from Google. Search the Internet for “FRP bypass.” It does not wake up the phone and does not ask for food. Let it stay.
KEEP com.qualcomm.qti.haven.telemetry.service TelemetryJService From the name "telemetry data store", and telemetry - information about the values ​​of the measured data (voltage, current, pressure, etc., etc.) "from Wikipedia whistled a description. " I don’t know how important.
KEEP com.xiaomi.upnp UpnpService UPnP (Universal Plug and Play), a service that allows you to automatically find and configure any devices on the local network. Used a lot where: Skype, FTP, DLNA, Torrent, etc.
KEEP VpnDialogs As if from the name it’s clear what is connected with the VPN. Only now, I established a VPN connection in the settings, but this garbage did not start. Perhaps separate applications for connecting via VPN will work. So far, left. It is still necessary to study.
KEEP com.miui.wmsvc WMService No information.
KEEP com.xiaomi.xmsf Xiaomi Service Framework The main component of all xiaomi services. Account, sync, cloud, backup ...
KEEP com.miui.screenrecorder Screen Recorder cecord screen.

REMOVE Duo Video from Google (similar to Skype). ; ;
REMOVE Hangouts -

FREEZ Stock Browser (MIUI browser), not critical, but I highly recommend leaving it. He is better friends with MIUI services. And in general there are no requests. When deleting, you need a substitute, respectively. Unless of course you need a browser at all, then a substitute is not needed.
# +
FREEZ Bookmark Provider Bookmark manager stock browser.
# +
FREEZ Bookmarks in the stock browser from partners (advertising sponsors).
REMOVE Google browser. It’s better to install it later as a user application. Control over it will appear.

FREEZ Default Print Service Print from phone? We leave. No? We delete.
FREEZ Print Spooler Another component for sending documents to print. Choice according to needs.
FREEZ Print Service Recommendation Service Allegedly, it provides the implementation of the android print service ... but I still do not understand why this application really exists. FREEZing did not give out problems, I was still able to select a printer and send the document for printing.

FREEZ com.miui.yellowpage Yellow pages Also called the Yellow Pages. Directory of companies. It is intended to notify that a number is calling you or sent you an SMS. But in fact, plows a campaign only in China. For this we boldly demolish. ; Yellow Pages to search for numbers and so far only for China, but the advertisement pulls decently. ;

TODO 2BACKUP? Roughly speaking, without this garbage, the phone will no longer remember your settings on the phone.
TODO 2BACKUP? If you delete, you just have problems accessing the memory card.
TODO 2BACKUP? It is impossible, otherwise not a single dialer will see your contacts.
TODO 2BACKUP? If you do not use anti-spam (number and SMS filter), then delete.
TODO 2BACKUP? Call Log Backup / Restore Backup and call log recovery. In theory, you can delete it. This is of course, if you are not going to backup it. But I did not begin to delete.

URGENT CLEAR_DATA + FREEZ Analytics No more, no less, spy. Collects and sends a hundred times a day, an analytical report, about all your actions with the phone, to Xiaomi. Do not stand on ceremony with him, this is evil. ; # MIUI analytics - used for displaying ads and a backdoor /
URGENT CLEAR_DATA + FREEZ com.xiaomi.joyose Joyse Analytics and advertising. Here's what in this apk. We demolish and do not bathe. By the way, it has on board the function "no sleep cp" - not to let the processor sleep. And this is no longer good for autonomy.

REMOVE Youtube
REMOVE com.facebook.system Facebook App Installer Facebook application installation manager. Delete ; Facebook App Installer (the Facebook application itself will not stop working!) ;
REMOVE com.facebook.appmanager Facebook App Manager Installed Facebook application manager. For demolition. ; Facebook App Manager (the Facebook application itself will not stop working!) ;
REMOVE Facebook Services Facebook Services. Erase and forget. ; Facebook Services (the Facebook application itself will not stop working!) ;
REMOVE com.facebook.katana Facebook own

REMOVE Gmail Email client from Google.
FREEZ Google Search from Google (it is also called by the "search" button). Who does not need a talking friend, delete. ; ;
FREEZ Photos And so it is clear. Delete

FREEZ com.xiaomi.glgm Games / Games Service market separately for games, similar to “Google Play Games”, only this is from Xiaomi.
REMOVE If you don’t play, then definitely not needed. And if you play, it’s still better to REMOVE and install it as a user application. Autostart and background controls will appear.

REMOVE MRGSVendorApp This is either a stray from the world of games (authorization, synchronization, in short heresy like Google Play Games). Or it is MailRuGroupSearch = a search engine from the same, but not the one that the search engine is, but advertising and analytical rubbish, which, when installing something from the world, will start monitoring the subject and offer to download applications based on the analysis ( i.e. according to your preferences). In short, in both cases, into the furnace this rubbish. Apparently he is in the firmware, because Mail is one of the sponsors of the creation of this phone.
FREEZ Google Play Music Google music player and service. ; ;
FREEZ Google Play Movies & TV Video service from Google. ; ;

FREEZ Android Easter Egg Easter Egg Android. If you don’t even understand what it’s about, then definitely take it down.
FREEZ com.dsi.ant.server ANT HAL SERVICE Responsible for radio communications with gadgets using ANT + technology, such as a fitness bracelet or pedometer. You can delete it if you don’t use such things.
FREEZ com.aura.oobe.xiaomi Aura Another rubbish. Application recommendations service, in addition to the "Applications". It pops up when you first start the phone, on the initial setup. In 9 MIUI I did not see her. And the irritation caused at first sight. Screen of this lawlessness in permissions:

FREEZ com.xiaomi.miplay_client Mi Play - can be removed.
FREEZ com.miui.videoplayer Mi Video Stock video player. I do not advise getting rid, first of all, to those who broadcast films on TV. This is almost the only player that allows you to send video to the TV, while allowing you to continue to use the phone. Yes, even to those who watch movies through applications like HD Videobox or HD Cinema. The same player can help out when a movie stubbornly stupid in the MX video player (who uses it, I understand what, and who only thinks, just believe, it will come in handy).
# +
FREEZ com.milink.service UniPlay Service Service for broadcasting images via WiFi on TV. Used at least by the stock video player "Mi Video". But you can delete it if you don’t use such technology (like me, I stupidly don’t have a TV set with WiFi). A component from miui and possibly only for MIUI applications.

FREEZ Mi Remote Appliance control via infrared transmitter. But as for me, it’s better to REMOVE and use Universal Remote for HTC one. There are more chances to find a remote control and help in this, auto search.
# +
FREEZ Peel Mi Remote Plugin for Mi Remote (Mi Remote). Affiliate video service, broadcast on TV via WiFi. Some kind of game. Demolished nafig.

FREEZ com.xiaomi.payment Mi Credit An electronic wallet from xiaomi and xiaomi services (for example, to buy a place on Mi Cloud). In Russia it is useless, and I think that in general it is only for China.
FREEZ Mi Credit SAME as prev.
# +
FREEZ Mi Pay The main component for Mi Credit.

URGENT CLEAR_DATA + FREEZ MSA Rubbish. Just another, advertising and analytical trash (of course in my opinion). In general, the official answer from Xiaomi, says that this application is associated with wallpaper. Everywhere: desktop, weather, themes. One thing is certain - it eats traffic (trivia but still) and is always running. Does it around the clock. I personally do not need such a "friend"; MSA, the biggest harm - it basically pulls ads into the phone.

URGENT CLEAR_DATA + FREEZ MAB Similar rubbish, applications above. In the sense that rubbish. Associated with an online store in China with the same name. But delete will not work. This is another Phoenix bird in the system. It will boot and reinstall. Therefore, we just FREEZe it through a Titanium backup. And then, it may not help (in global firmware, it seems not to be).

FREEZ com.mi.globalTrendNews News I didn’t even google. And so it’s clear that this is some kind of service for showing news. The only thing I do not know where ... Maybe in the widget ribbon? That garbage that opens to the left of the desktop. Check it yourself, I do not use tape.

FREEZ com.miui.vsimcore VsimCore Component for the application from the item "Mi Roaming".
# +
FREEZ com.miui.virtualsim Mi Roaming Do not believe it, but there is such garbage as virtual sim cards. Yes, yes it is. Only works small where. Whip up googling, I only spotted cases in China and India. In Russia, you can delete (for good reason it is disabled by default).

FREEZ com.fingerprints.sensortesttool Sensor Test Tool Test the fingerprint scanner menu. I get an error at startup. The reason is unknown. Maybe this is not for my scanner model, I have Goodix, but this is valid for FPC.
Or maybe just a crooked application.

FREEZ com.qualcomm.wfd.service Wfd Service Wireless display (via WiFi). Only unlike the “UniPlay Service” item, this service broadcasts absolutely everything that happens on the screen of your phone, and not just output a video stream, for example, from a stock video player.

KEEP Android System WebView A component for viewing web content. Provides a web rendering engine for use in native applications. Used by many applications. For example, in email clients or VK, when the page opens inside the application. Do not touch. NOTE: It seems that Xiaomi uses a special build of this application with its own modifications to display ADS (on pure Android and MIUI too), it is recommended to update this application with the Google Play to get official Google version.

Now you can use Link2SD to sort Frozen apps + by Data (Total) and clean all forzen app DATA.


com.mi.dlabs.vr com.mi.dlabs.vr is most likely a component for the Mi Vr App (com.mi.dlabs.vr.hulk) for VR glasses. I did not find any crashes and application malfunction during shutdown;
REMOVE Mi Community -
REMOVE Mi Store -

KEEP com.touchtype.swiftkey SwiftKey Keyboard
KEEP com.swiftkey.languageprovider SwiftKey Preloaded Languages
KEEP com.swiftkey.swiftkeyconfigurator SwiftKey factory settings

REMOVE com.xiaomi.oversea.ecom shopplus?

REPORT com.miui.phrase Frequent phrases - please report about this app.