Advantages and disadvantages of rooted android phone

Magisk root manager with plugins
From this 5 minutes review you will know:
  1. Why ROOT is not as bad as companies declare.
  2. About good and bad root managers.
To get root usually (but not always) you have to unlock device's boot loader.

Advantages and benefits

Full backup and restore

  1. With device's boot loader unlocked you can install and use TWRP-like recovery to make full backup and full restore of the whole phone including OS, it's data, settings - everything with one tap. Very useful.

To play old and removed Games

  1. You can Install and Play games (possibly ancient) that require Internet connection to download gameplay data but develpers/games/servers are gone (or remove by intention) from the Internet.
    For example, Angry birds GO, prefect cart game that removed by developer intention (to promote other new games), so I created to good to overshadow it's new games. What is your opinion, is this Fair?

Convert apps to system / to user to avoid / apply battery-optimization

  1. You can make app as "system" to complete avoid Android battery-optimizations for all your mission-critical apps.
    It is good to convert you favorite GPS track recorder app as a system to keep it working no matter what to prevent lose of the track data when Android kills app.

  2. You can convert all bloatware apps to "user" to prevent it prom getting unmetered battery.
    Apps like Gmail usually installed as "system" no matter you use it or not. You can convert all unused and non mission-critical apps to "user" to be able to apply battery restrictions for such apps.

  3. Let's take a look where is user (usual) and system apps resides:
    User app -> System app
    APK:  /data/app/    -> /system/priv-app/
    DEX:  /data/app/    -> /data/dalvik-cache/
    LIB:  /data/app/    -> /system/priv-app/
    DATA: /data/user/0/ -> /data/user/0/
  1. For a personal security (CellID info. ; Lataclysm. ; GPS test. ; maps.).

  2. Another security concern is - To control application permissions (REAL & SELECTIVE control).

  3. To utilize you phone memory fully.

  4. To extend your battery.

  5. For backups in case of emergency.

  6. For private, automated synchronization with your PC.

Disadvantages and drawbacks


  1. There is no additional security risks of rooting.